OpenPos was developed as a successor to OMR. OpenPos was built onto the Perfect Backbone of OMR, but boasts a brand-new User Interface,built specifically for TouchScreen Technology

OpenPos Is Unique, in that it runs on the Linux Operating System.
This means that it is very stable. It also requires no License Fees , so this immediately reduces your costs.

Since it runs on Linux, it is alot faster than any other Point of Sale system, because there is no overhead required for running it, as Linux uses all available resources for the current operation (OpenPos).

OpenPos uses MySQL as its database
MySQL is a free database system , which once again reduces your costs, as no License Fees are required.
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Our new website is up!

Our new website is up and running.
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Clients, you can now login to a secure section of the site and receive, news and general information about any software updates, fixes or changes. You can also log a problem that you may have encountered, or just log a general request or recommendation for your product.
OpenMind News
We have recently moved to a brand new office!

Our new office puts us right in a creative and productive state of mind, with a wonderful balcony overlooking the geater Pretoria East.

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